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Paper: IK, Policy and Economy

Last year I wrote a paper for a policy ideas competition open to young people.  Criteria was based on originality of idea and practical application, limited to 1000 words.  An op-ed suggesting a tax on property ownership won. 

My entry, Indigenous Knowledge, Policy and Economy is over the fold.

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Terry Tamminen on Lateline

On Lateline last night Tony Jones talked to Environment consultant Terry Tamminen, who said: 

This country alone has spent almost half a trillion dollars on that misadventure [Iraq]…Of course, [Alan Greenspans] right, just nominally that if the United States takes action on climate change but these emerging economies don’t, well, of course, he’s right nominally that their emissions may outweigh our reductions.

But that doesn’t mean we should do nothing, because obviously if we do nothing and they do nothing they’ll be twice as bad and the consequences will be twice as bad. But again I think we need to look at the fact there are far more worse consequences already going on around the world today.

You know it’s interesting that a couple of years ago when President Bush started talking about hydrogen vehicles the American petroleum institute came out and said, “Well, wait a minute Mr President it would cost $140 billion to build a fuelling infrastructure in the United States that would have access to everyone for hydrogen vehicles – $140 billion is about what we spent invading Iraq in one and a half years.”


Memorable moments #3

Memorable moments #3 over the fold.

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Modernising democracy and internationalism: a response to climate change

The possibilities of democracy presents an opportunity to address the greatest social, economic and environmental challenge we face: climate change.  And while rhetoric is easy and words are cheap, it is political leadership that remains the greatest driver of substantive reform. 

The idea works like this.  A referenda would be held to determine each Australian’s willingness to contribute to tackling climate change and the amount they wish to contribute.  This would be enforced at a national scale. 

An expansion over the fold. 

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IK economy and development concepts

International development concepts are markedly different from internal Australian policy.  In part this is a necessity: the governance structures, economies, demographics are substantially different in character.  International development often occurs in countries with no welfare safety net.  Aid often relies on the employment or funding directive of donor countries.

The Indigenous Knowledge for Development Results of the World Bank identifies a four step process for development: (1) disseminating knowledge; (2) learning; (3) mainstreaming the application of IK; (4) partnerships.

It is the third step that focuses on the IK economy

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Memorable moments #2

Memorable moments # 2 over the fold.

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Diarama park: Conservation Volunteers

Conservation volunteers recently completed the landscaping of Diarama park.  The park features in various media and is a story in the Town Council magazine (inserted in last weeks Alice Springs News).

I visited the park the other morning.  In one word, ‘magnificent’.  The landscape, design, choice of sand and materials and features is breathtaking.  The full colour red of the Sturt Desert Peas blends in with the overall concept. 

The volunteers designed the concept, submitted it to the Town Council for approval, and facilitated the project.  There are many skills involved, and it is something that all involved in the project can be proud of.  Practical achievements like this instill a sense of value in terms of the skills developed.

Diarama park

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