Pearson and the leadership pyramid

An edited abstract of Noel Pearson’s speech published here in the Age, discusses amongst other things the pursuit of the Radical Centre. 

The leadership pyramid with idealism and realism at each bottom corner, and a synthesis of both expressing the height of leadership at the top is, in my view, an interesting metaphor for describing the Radical Centre.   

Is realism in this sense an aspiration to find a realistic prospect of implementation?

If so, I wonder if many Indigenous leaders find sanctity in a position outside the core of realism.  That is, if all the inconsistencies and contradictions of political discourse are conjured through the eyes of an Indigenous person would that person find safety in an equally contradictory position.   

This analysis does not depart from Pearson’s leadership pyramid, because Pearson is rightly concerned with leadership attached to the whole body politik – leadership expressed by an appreciation that we are all inter-dependent, rather than an Indigenous inter-dependent block. 

And because it does not depart from this leadership metaphor, the idealism part for such leaders (the other bottom corner of the pyramid) is transformed to a substantially different and more negative object than that pursued by, say, Pearson. 


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