Memorable moments #1

In the years to come I hope my children reflect on this blog to explore the issues of our time and my personal observations. 

Because children grow up so fast the memories of what they do and say can often pass unrecorded.  My first family memory post is over the fold.

I am grateful to have Nathanael (4) and Aaliyah (2) with me.  To think that a human being who is on this earth for only 4 years – how advanced that person can be, how they interact and learn and what they see as important is fascinating. 

Here’s a memory:

Nathanael (4 years old): Wab-la Da, that’s a language, hey Dad?

Dad: It depends how many people speak it, do lot’s of people speak that language?

Nathanael: Yes, but I don’t know all their names.

Recently I taught Nathanael that there are things called ‘languages’.  They come up as an option on a DVD, and if it’s not English I explain that it’s a ‘different language’.  Mum speaks pigeon-PNG and that, to me, is a ‘different language’.  I told him that ‘lots of people need to speak’ a language, hence his question (and answer).

Another recent moment involved Nathanael running around with his Captain Feather-sword weapon, slicing it in the air as if he was Leonardi from the Ninja Turtles.  He hit the stand that holds craft material, and said to his 2 year old sister (in an encouraging and optimistic tone):

Oh no…Aali, you go and tell mum you did it, ok?  

As for Aaliyah, she is very talkative, joining many words together and suprising us every day with new words and descriptions.  She learns a lot from her big brother.  If there is any activity or any statement that involves a person she says:

And me too!

She won’t be satisfied with an answer until someone acknowledges:

Yes, Aali, and you!


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