Memorable moments #2

Memorable moments # 2 over the fold.

On Sat in mid-September I went with Nathanael to the house up the road, shovel in hand, with a job to bury a chicken.  I had a little talk to Nat about what needed to be done, and how all animals and people on earth eventually die.  He understood and watched as I dug a hole and placed the chicken inside.

Aaliyah found her mums keys and put them somewhere.  Mum needed them and asked her where they were, thinking they might be outside where someone might get them.  Aaliyah replied with a stern voice ‘use daddy’s keys’.  2 years old going on 18. 

Nat and I enjoy playing soccer.  We play a structured game, one-on-one, and he keeps score.  We practice kicks from far away and he managed to score many goals.  Losing is still an idea he’s getting used to. 

For Sunday breakfast Nat patted down his cooked egg yolk into a short pattie.  He said ‘I made pancakes, now!’ and pretended to eat his pancake.

‘Aaliyah was running out of the driveway’, mum was telling me.  I asked Aali, ‘Are you running away from home’, and she said ‘yes’ and quickly ran across the room to show me how she runs.  We asked her if she wanted to leave home or if she wanted to stay with Mum and Dad, ‘I want to stay with mummy and daddy’. 

Aaliyah is two years old and can say ‘John Howard’ when he’s on tv and without prompts, but she’s not yet toilet trained.  When we teach her she says ‘Mommy, Daddy and Nat-Nat’ use the toilet’, as if it’s her right not to use it and somehow she’s different. 


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