Memorable moments #3

Memorable moments #3 over the fold.

Every week or two Aaliyah goes searching for her ‘baby’ (an oversized doll).  She found her outside.  Aali told me ‘baby is sleeping now’ and put her in her bed, with a blanky on top.  Every now and then I find her baby in her bed.

Nathanael went to a wedding on the weekend and stayed up until 1am playing old computer games (on that day he didn’t even have a midday sleep).  He’s played these games every now and then but doesn’t have a handle that other kids do.  I taught him how to use the controller and he picked it up in no time.  It was batman. 

I went in Nathanael’s room and saw pictures across his wall.  He managed to get a hold of a number of pens, and drew a range of pics: a big house, cars/trucks going over a hill, a face, different drawings of people, et cetera.  It looked like he was at it for a while.

At night I read to the children.  Aaliyah’s current favourite book is about a bear and all his friends, and how they go to school and participate in all sorts of activities.  At the front there is about 50 different pictures, and the words in the book are sometimes replaced by these pictures.  Nathanael knows most of them, Aaliyah knows some.  We take turns and I point to a picture, asking either one to name it.  It was Aali’s turn and I pointed to a bib.  She went ‘ah…ah…ah’ with a big smile.  Nathanael whispered really low in her ear ‘shirt’.  She said ‘ah…ah…shirt’, ‘no’, I said…’it’s a bib’ and we all laughed.

Today I played soccer again with Nathanael, and observed all the new tricks he has learned.  He defends better, and puts his foot on top of the ball to roll it across.  From now on Memorable moments will include dates to keep track.


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