Memorable moments #4

Memorable moments #4 over the fold.

I asked Aaliyah ‘are you a good girl’, in which she replied ‘I’m a little bit naughty’.  Only 2 years old.  No doubt she picked it up from her brother. 

Dad: Is that a cape you have on Nathanael

Nat-Nat: Yeah, I’m a super hero

D: What’s your super hero name?

N: Water shoot

D: Huh, water shoot?

N: Yeah, water shoot, that’s a cool name hey dad?

Whilst staying at Tennant Creek on the way to Darwin Nathanael went with mum to see a bush tucker show.  The next day he said ‘I saw the bush tucker man’.  Aaliyah yelled ‘yuhhhhk, bush cucca man’.

In the car on the Stuart Highway Nathanael said to mum in a stern voice ‘mum, you better give me that…I will count to three and if you don’t give it to me you can hop out’.  Wrong thing to say. 

October 2007 – Nathanael can swim underwater.  He can go underwater for a long time and moves his arms in a swimming motion.  He also likes to jump from the step to a point where he can stand.  Whilst in Darwin Nat goes for a swim every day.  He likes talking to his Nanna and wants to visit his Nanna and Pop (at Noonamah) everyday.  He talks about going on the tractor. 

Aaliyah: Aaliyah’s a pretty girl, Barbie not a pretty girl. 

At a restaurant Aaliyah was misbehaving so I told her off.  She got off my lap and went to sit on mum’s lap, telling me off and saying ‘Daddy’s being naughty’.  She was very cross.


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