Uluru / Kata Tjuta

When I was young my father worked as a Park Ranger at Uluru / Kata Tjuta National Park.  Our house was tucked behind the community of Mutitjulu, near the shades of the rock.  At the back of our house was a sand dune.  It was one of those hills that you run down when you’re young and the speed carries you.

I remember at the time seeing rain on the rock, and how the clouds hung low with water flowing down the naturally formed contours.  It was one of those occasions where a memory connects to emotion for a first time.  I remember being with my family not far away, and how mum and dad were observing the marvel and beauty.   

In relation to the rock in general I didn’t have the breadth of knowledge of the world to quantify its significance.  Last year I returned for a visit.  It is a truly unique place.  Words can’t describe.  Photographs can’t do justice. 

Given the stretch of desert that covers this earth, and how big each particle of sand is, it is amazing to consider why this monolith is so unique.  There are many majestic places on earth, but most have their equivalents or at least part-equivalents.  Uluru appears to be on its own. 


1 Response to “Uluru / Kata Tjuta”

  1. 1 John Rawnsley
    3 November 2007 at 3:22 pm

    I posted this on Monday the 29th. It started raining on Thurs and has continued through the weekend. There are pictures in the Weekend Australian of Uluru and the heavy rain.

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