Memorable moments #5

Memorable moments #5 over the fold.

October 2007 – Aaliyah is at a stage where she really likes her ‘baby’ (there are several).  She has a pram and is really upset when it breaks (the material is loose).  The pram was with her the whole way down from Alice Springs.  She always talks about her ‘baby’.  In Tennant Creek we woke up and she put her baby in the pram and started walking away.  I called her, she heard, but ignored.  Luckily Nathanael chased her and they went for a lap around the premise. 

“Do you want Dad to come and sort you out?”, says Anita with an angry voice to Nat.
“Out where?”,
“NO, DO YOU WANT DAD TO COME AND SORT YOU OUT?” with an angrier voice.
“OUT WHERE?’ replies Nat even more angry.

Aaliyah is now toilet trained.  It took longer than Nathanael.  Aaliyah was smart enough to know what was going on and has been playing games for some months.  Now she is proud of her achievements.  Funny thing is that she learnt yesterday and has been consistent throughout, but when we emphasise the use of the smaller toilet seat (a seat that is placed on the toilet so young children don’t fall in) she says ‘NNNNNo…that’s for babies’.  Update, one week later she did the same thing.  She’s settled on not using the kids toilet seat.  I brought this up at our Rotary meeting and we had a laugh. 

One of the joys of having a four year old is the child-like conversations.  This morning Nathanael and I made toast and he asked what kind of knife I would like.  I was provided two choices, a ‘kids knife’ or a ‘people’ (adult) knife.  I asked for a people knife.  He got a sharp one, and when I tried to say not that one he corrected me and said that the kids knife is the normal knife.  So we settled for that one.  We then ate our breakfast in front of cartoons while he watched it with some kids sunglasses.  He was telling me it was ‘dark’.   

Aaliyah was in the office with her familiy day care friends.  Isaac and Aali were telling each other which family member they were going to get to tell each other ‘off’ (for teasing, apparently).  Aali was going to get her ‘daddy’ and Isaac was going to get his ‘mummy’.  Aali pointed to a photo of Alison and said she’s going to get ‘Nanna Alison to tell [him] off’.  ‘I get her’ she kept saying.    


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