A policy to beautify local areas

Some months back I visited Diarama Park (behind Diarama village) and posted here.  The visit sparked a policy idea that could lead to tangible application. 

The outcome of the policy would beautify parks and natural landscapes across Alice Springs.  And not just in small regions or parts, but a wholesale application across the town as a whole.  A successful strategy would substantially improve the visual quality of where we live. 

Such an outcome would lift social capital and build a sense of community ownership and pride.  As word of mouth and personal experience is a powerful marketing tool for tourism beautifying Alice Springs across the board would create a lasting and positive impression. 

Details of the policy idea over the fold.

The idea is a three-way partnership between: (1) Commonwealth Government; (2) Local Government; and (3) local neighbourhoods. 

The Commonwealth Government would allow local work-for-the-dole programs and other employment/training programs to organise labour and training based on landscaping design and facilitation, project management, business training and other skills relevant to re-establishing and beautifying local areas.  Such programs would be responsible for all aspects relating to the design and construction of the project. 

Local Government would administer and market the program, provide supplies, oversee consultation, coordinate the partnership, approve plans and involve and monitor local neighbourhood commitments. 

Local neighbourhoods would commit to up-keep the park.  If work is to be carried out local neighbourhoods must take responsibility to ensure that parks are kept clean and tidy, and that the quality is maintained.   

The above outlines a basic plan for agreement.  Specific responsibilities can be modified.  Above all, such ideas require leadership and a commitment on the part of different levels of government. 


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