Advice from a retired school teacher

A friend ‘Kevin’ from Alice Springs is a retired school teacher and let me in on some secrets of the trade.

When I was teaching and if I was writing on the blackboard and there was trouble, I would turn around and say ‘right, I know who did it, so own up?  C’mon, own up now?  You would always know who did it because all the children would look at the naughty children.  Then you could focus on them and they’d own up.

The other week I went to a class with my grandchildren.  The teacher was amazed at how I got on with the kids and had everything worked out.  I told her I used to teach.  You see, there’s a trick to it.  You learn how everything works.  She was suprised that I had them all controlled and behaving.  You see!  If you meet a group of kids for the first time there will always be the ones who test you first.  They’re the ones who are most likely to be the main trouble makers.  So you know who to deal with first and you give them certain tasks so that they can get attention.  That’s all they need.

Another thing to do is to act swiftly amongst the good ones if they do the wrong thing.  If you do that the children who misbehave say to themselves ‘gee, if he got that punishment then imagine what the teacher would do to me?’, and then they behave.

I laughed and laughed.


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