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Memorable moments #7

Nathanael and Aaliyah have this habit of asking their parents if they can have something.  If we’re walking in the shop or see something they want they ask ‘dad, can I have this…later?’.  Knowing that they will get a ‘no’ response they emphasise the ‘later’ part – ‘I said llaaaatteer’.  ‘Of course’ is my reply.  On occasions a walk through the shop will end with several items that they have decided to get later (which means indefinitely). 

Nathanael accidently hit his head walking against a glass wall (thinking it was a door) at the video shop.  I knelt down to his level and tried to comfort him as a bruise emerged.  Aaliyah was watching on.  When we finally walked through the door she was first and said to us ‘see, I didn’t hit my head’ as if we should be impressed.

Aaliyah to dad, ‘look…I saw a star’.  Dad replies ‘yeah Aali, do you know where stars come from?’.  ‘Yes…aahh…stars…stars…planes can fly high and wind down their window and get the stars’.  ‘Trrueee’, dad says.  ‘Yeah’ (with a really excited voice).

Going for a swim at the town pool, chest-high in water, I lift the kids high in the air so they come down by themselves and splash.  I asked Aaliyah if she wants me to do that, she responds ‘NNNOOOO, I don’t want to be superhero to the rescue’.


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