an Obama election win

Barack Obama is at the cusp of an historic election win.

I first came across him at the Democratic Convention leading up to the previous election but didn’t take much notice.  Last year I visited the book store and found his Audacity of Hope.  It was an intriguing read and I posted here a piece about his approach to race politics.  This was a new and fresh direction and is, in my view, a topic seldom discussed yet entirely relevant to contemporary politics.  It presents a radical centre approach absent from any equivalent analysis from an Australian political perspective.

Shortly after reading Audacity I purchased Dreams from my Father.  Again I thought it was a fascinating account of his life and the detail and work of his Kenyan trip an important story. 

Later, I posted my observations of Noel Pearsons analysis of Obamas path. 

Whilst the work of a transformational President is yet to be seen the conditions for it are present.  I hope that the political and media environment in America will generate discussion in our own country on related issues, namely, identity politics and the integration of minority groups in national political decision-making processes.


2 Responses to “an Obama election win”

  1. 1 stephanie
    4 November 2008 at 8:22 am

    Tomorrow will be a big day. More than likely a first African Amercian will be sitting in the oval office early next year. I also read ‘Dreams from my Father’, and by the end of the book felt that this young man was going places. Who would have thought right to the top?

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