Chess is a fascinating game.  Its a game of risk, calculation and battle.  The game has developed to a perfect form and it did so a very long time ago.  There are no tricks, no easy paths.  No shortcuts.

The concept of chess is often used to explain how the brain functions.  After many games certain patterns imprint in the mind.  Experts look at a board and can see instantly the options presented as if the sub-conscious mind recognises certain patterns without going through a conscious thought process.  Because these conscious thought processes take time the advantage of immediately recognising patterns leads in almost all cases to the correct move option.  As humans have weaknesses errors arise but errors are fewer in-between when memory and sub-conscious activity expands.  The rest comes down to innovation and it is this skill that attracts so many players.

With my sons learning I can see the same memory and thinking processes.  His booklets require repition in terms of numbers and addition.  At the moment he counts in his mind and goes through a conscious thought-process.  But after repetition and an expansion of memory he is now able to produce an answer with immediate recognition.   

On facebook I’ve managed to get near the top 5% (of 40’000 players) but have slid since.  Certain styles of play can match a players outlook: the conservative/cautious player or the risk-taker.  Both have their advantages and as a game of math and structure the likelihood comes down to the player who chooses the right combination of moves.  Like any battle or competition it is a balance between offence and defence.

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