Alice Springs, new media and the internet

If google’s blog search engine and wordpress.com tags are any indication there are only two other active blogs in Alice Springs – Jane Clark’s and Desert Mandala.  This is suprising considering the importance of regional policy reform in the national context (and of interest throughout the nation), although crikey.com.au and other forums carry irregular and unanimous contributions from this region.  However, there appears to be a number of blogs from Aboriginal communities in the north of the Territory.

Updated 5/11 – Alice Online is a site online for some time. 

Recently the local ABC significantly enhanced its content including blogs, photos, features and a range of functions, found here.  These local photos are excellent.

The Alice Springs News continues to display content online and there is limited coverage online with the Centralian Advocate

If there are any new Alice Springs (or Central Australian) blogs please let me know.

A previous post called the ‘pace of technology’ I’ve copied and paste to free up space:

Some years back I used to listen to a now ceased gaming/technology radio show, sunday evening just prior to Rick Dees Top 40.  I remember vividly an interview where the technology expert was talking about this new phenomenom – an rss feed, widgets and new functions.  It wasn’t the content of what he was saying that struck me, it was the sound of his voice and the tone of amazement and potential.  He paused between words and spoke with such emphasis that it was as if he knew of a secret that was going to change the world.  He said that this new technology would enable the internet to move to the next stage in its evolution, to enhancing the original intent of linking people through phone lines to allowing them to interact at a new and more sophisticated level.  Looking back it is amazing to see the result: enhanced blog interactions, facebook and other social networking sites, enhanced ways to view news to name a few.


2 Responses to “Alice Springs, new media and the internet”

  1. 31 December 2008 at 9:31 am

    Hey John!

    Don’t forget me – Bob Gosford over at my Crikey blog – The Northern Myth.

    I write from Yuendumu – just up the road from Alice.

    And a few other central and non-Top End blogs FYI:

    http://remotelife.blogspot.com/ – from the coordinator of the Papulankutja Artists centre near (or at) Blackstone. Great insights into life in that corner of the NT/WA and getting out of bogs on your last day of work!

    http://www.kimberlychristen.com/ – Kimberley Christen is a Professor at Washington State Uni in the US and does a lot of work in and around the Tennant Creek area on her blog The Long Road.

    http://www.desertdreams.com.au/index.php – Bob Innes has a mixed blog/commercial site – Desert Dreams – for art from the Yuelumu community on Anmatyerre country near to Yuendumu.

    http://www.pawmedia.com.au/vodcast/ – Yapa-kurlangu vodcasts is the video viewing website for recent productions of PAW Media and Communications.

    http://homepage.mac.com/will_owen/iblog/ – Will Owen writes from the US (and Australia when he is here) at Aboriginal Art & Culture: an American eye and often writes about central Australian arts issues.

    http://elsewhere.typepad.com/the_view_from_elsewhere/ – an anonymous (ggrrr) blog from a ‘a drifting Gen-Xer, policy consultant, freelance writer and amateur cyclist living in Centralia with four cats, three of whom are currently on SSRIs.’

    Thats about all I have for now – hope to hear from you soon – I’ll post a link to your page on The Northern Myth.

  2. 5 February 2009 at 3:54 pm

    There are others we just aren’t always writing about it

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