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Elected to Deputy Mayor position

Last night I was elected to Deputy Mayor of Alice Springs Town Council.  (Recently it’s been difficult to find the time to post).  Media release from Council attached.



Screen culture and Prof Greenfield

Someone once said that there was once a time where a person could acquire all the knowledge of the world.  That is because the world at that stage was limited, confined to a certain number of relationships, views, interactions, known precedence.  At this stage of globalisation and human development there is an abundance of information. 

This interview on the 7:30 report about screen culture offers intriguing insight into the way technology is changing our behaviour and interactions.  As someone from the Generation Y I feel I can identify with this subject.  During my teenage years I played video games and on occasions for lengthy periods of time.  Even today sometimes when I dream the sensations of playing games occurs.  In dreams, though, I can usually understand the fact that I am dreaming of a role that is not a reality in the dream itself, as if whilst I sleep I understand that it is just a dream but that a further unreal experience adapted from a game is super-imposed.  Such experiences in my lifetime and the experiences shared by so many others conjures reasons why films such as the first Matrix was so popular.

Returning to the subject, when I consider the changes between generations and the vast differences in how we interact, how we analyse and absorb information, how we exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences and how we identify and relate to role models I find how different each generation is.  In some ways technology has simply replaced the old mediums that existed.  The blogging community might work collectively the same way as previous generations did, at least in terms of mobilising and shaping political and intellectual thought.

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