Memorable moments # 8

Seedless watermelon’s were not available at Coles so we purchased watermelon with seeds.  The kids were amazed as they hadn’t seen it before.  ‘What’s that…wwoaaaaah’ (with beady eyes) was the response. 

More memorable moments over the fold.

Aaliyah received a new plastic phone as a gift.  Her Nanna also bought her nappies for her new baby doll, ‘Lulu’.  She was so excited.  She opened the packet and asked me ‘Daddy, can you put her nappy on?’.  ‘No’, I replied, ‘why can’t you’.  ‘Noooooo, I’m talking on the phone YOU do it Daddy’.

Nathanael said to me one day that he wouldn’t lose any teeth.  I told him he would (he’s 6 and some of his friends at school are losing teeth and he hasn’t yet).  I said ‘when you do you put it in a jar and the tooth fairy will come’.  He told me ‘I want $100’, and I said ‘$100 is a lot of money’.  He said ‘No, $10’000 is a lot of money, I want $100’. 

Aaliyah had to wash her hands and wanted me to put on the sink tap.  I started the shower and asked her to wash her hands in the shower with soap.  She said ‘but there’s no soap’ in a raised voice.  I replied ‘Yes there is, look!, and pointed at the basin.  She looked and answered her own question ‘Is Water Soap?  No’.


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