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Op-ed: Alice Springs and alcohol policy

My first printed opinion piece was published in the NT News as a follow up to my commitment to quit alcohol for one year.  I was grateful for the opportunity.  The piece suggests three policy ideas concerning alcohol in Alice Springs.

Over the fold is a pdf version of my original submission and a scan of the News piece.

The following is my original submission:

As the first from the Generation Y (those born 1980-1995) to be elected to a municipal Council in the Territory I was honoured in March this year to be elected Deputy Mayor of Alice Springs. My generation lives within a specific set of circumstances and I am obliged to advocate reform with this in mind. In my new role my first decision was to quit alcohol for one year.

My main motivation is to set an example. If the National Health and Medical Research Council recommends no more than 4 standard drinks on any single occasion then excessive alcohol consumption in the Territory is commonplace. Too often we leave the task of finding solutions to policy makers without realising that it is also us who can build a social and cultural intolerance of alcohol misuse.

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Generation Y and Alice Springs

The other day I met with a local journalist interested in featuring a story on the Generation Y (those born 1980-1995). 

Our meeting prompted discussion about the nature of politics and future generations.  When we looked at issues that the Gen Y are interested in we came up with familiar themes: cheaper flights interstate to encourage the high social mobility (that the Gen Y share across the western world); more recreational opportunities; more accommodation options and all the other issues that other generations are interested in (community safety, community pride, et cetera.). 

A strong feature of our present generation is the strength of our economy.  The current generation is fortunate to live in these circumstances and there are many work opportunities available.  We haven’t experienced a recession as other generations before us have. 

We talked about how the difference between generations is largely the result of changes in technology.  I’ve met senior people who came to Alice Springs when they were young and had no electricity, fridges, televisions, et cetera.  Younger generations are now exchanging money over the internet and spend increasing amounts of time engaging social networking sites.  Mobile phones and computers are common place.  The contrast is significant.

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